Brad’s Money Moves: How Diversifying Your Business Debt Can Supercharge Your Financial Performance!

Hey there, finance enthusiasts! Let’s talk about Brad, a real-life finance hero who didn’t just settle
for the usual. Brad had some ATO debt creeping up for a while, so what did he do? Boom! He
refinanced his existing mortgage, waved that tax debt goodbye, and said, “Adiós, stress!”

But wait, there’s more! Brad wasn’t done. To boost his business revenue, Brad got himself a chattel
mortgage for a slick truck and trailer combo. Now that’s what I call driving your finances

And guess what? Brad knew the hustle—waiting for invoices out the door to be paid within 30 days
can be a real buzzkill. So, he added a business overdraft to his toolkit. Smooth move, Brad!
This overdraft allowed Brad to even the playing field; a strategic defensive move used to bridge the
gap between payday and handling those pesky working capital expenses.

Chatting with Brad, he spilled the beans: “Refinancing, getting that truck & trailer, and having an
overdraft—it’s like building the Avengers of finance. Each piece plays its role, and together, they
create this financial superhero squad!”

So, what’s the takeaway? Mixing up your financial tools isn’t just a smart move; it’s like assembling
your dream team. Whether you’re kicking debt to the curb, revving up your business revenue, or
smoothing out the cashflow rollercoaster- Brad’s story shows that a little diversity in your financial
playbook can make all the difference.

Here’s to making your money moves as epic as Brad’s—because who said diversified debt can’t be
the start of your businesses journey to financial freedom?

Reach out to one of our friendly staff at Atlas Broker today and have a chat about how we can help
your business aspirations become a reality.

Daniel McNeil