Businesses with mobile plant and equipment need to ensure their equipment is covered no matter where it is in Australia. This type of equipment can be expensive to replace and repair, and when damaged or stolen can set your project back several months very easily. Heavy machinery and the environments they work in expose people to significant person risk and accidents involving people can run into the millions of dollars.


Covers accidental damage to your plant and equipment.


If you plant and equipment is road registerable, road risk covers your liability for the damage or injury that your machine causes whilst in operation on a road.


Public Liability covers you and your business financially from the legal liability to a third party for death, injury, loss or damage of property, or economic loss resulting from your negligence.


Covers you against loss of or damage to your portable equipment like laptops, tools or mobile instruments throughout Australia and/or the world.


If you are hiring in plant & equipment on a regular or ad hoc basis, you can know that the equipment is covered as though it was your own. This cover forms part of your material damage section.


Provides cover against electrical or mechanical breakdown of machinery & equipment covers cost of repair and/or replacement of the parts or items.


If a machine is damaged or stolen and it is out of action for a period of time whilst being repaired, or is written off and you are waiting for the availability of a replacement machine, Financial Protection is there to cover your financial loss. It is there to protect your livelihood. It can also incorporate making finance payments on the damaged equipment’s finance/lease.