Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance is a revolving line of credit against your outstanding invoices or accounts receivable ledger.  The funding line allows you to access funds against all or some of your outstanding invoices to accelerate cash flow.

Invoice finance is available to most businesses selling its products and / or services on credit to another business entity. Most companies sell their product or service on trading terms between 14 to 60 days, and in a high level of cases this places strain on a company’s working capital.  With the use of Invoice Finance, you can obtain payment on the day you issue your invoices.

With an accelerated cash flow, companies are then able to better manage their business, expand their operations, take on additional contracts and new clients, meet creditors payments on time and even obtain substantial discounts on purchases for early payment.

Atlas has access to specialist Invoice Finance lenders that assist businesses in the construction industry that invoice on a progress claim basis. Traditionally, businesses in this sector have struggled to obtain this product when invoicing under progress claims however we have access to specialist providers who are able to assist.