WorkCover -Take advantage of the 5% discount.

The 2020/21 WorkCover premiums are about to hit the inboxes of all Victorian businesses. In the last couple of years there have been changes made to incentivise paying these premiums early.

If the premiums are paid in full before 31st August 2020 a 5% discount is applied.

In the current COVID environment it may make sense to finance your WorkCover Premium and spread your payments over the year. This will preserve your cash flow whilst taking advantage of the 5% discount being offered.

Your finance company will pay the full premium (less the 5% discount) directly to WorkCover and then your business can make monthly repayments back to the financier at an interest rate well below the 5% on most occasions.

Atlas Broker have several funders that we can access for WorkCover premium funding and we’d be more than happy to provide your business with a solution that suits you.

The best option is to send through your premium notice once it’s received and we will make it happen from there.

If you would like further information, please contact us on

Phone:  1300 731 131

Or call your broker direct with any questions.