Matthew Atkin


0402 596 996

I had my first business washing cars when I was 11. I loved the thrill of chasing work and then delivering a sparkling car.

Four decades on and nothing much has changed. I still love helping people take delivery of their sparkling cars, tractors, recycling equipment, factories and everything else you can imagine!!!

Atlas Broker has been a passion for me and my business partners since we had our first meeting in my lounge room. We started with a very simple idea; we could help people. Our purpose of ‘helping’ is still at the core of our business. I love being a part of our clients’ journey and feel immense pride when they succeed.

On a personal note, I have served on the board of the Commercial and Asset Finance Brokers Association of Australia (CAFBA) since 2015, which culminated in a three-year term as its President. This gave me an opportunity to learn from some amazing people, and I love being able to share this knowledge with my clients and referral partners.

I am proud of our business, our people, and what we have built at Atlas Broker. However, I know, as the expression goes, the best is yet to come.