From a Stay at Home Mum to a Team Player and Reluctant Leader

It was time, I had to be brave, and re-enter the workforce after being a stay-at-home mum for 8 years. Embarking on a new role which I knew nothing about, meeting new people, getting dressed up, I was heading into uncharted waters. I was feeling excited, nervous and afraid.
10 years on I am working in the same company, in senior management and leading a team across Australia. I absolutely love it.  

Admittedly, I never saw myself as a leader; it was the encouragement of those around me that gave me the confidence to be myself, give my best and step up. As someone who doesn’t see themselves as a traditional leader but rather as a team player encouraging the people around them, this journey of guiding a team has certainly been an unexpected and exhilarating. 

Creating a strong and successful team requires patience, understanding your team members, encouraging open communication, and providing an environment where everyone feels valued and heard.

I believe strong communication fosters trust. Therefore, I have regular meetings and one on one check ins. I choose to share my own professional and personal challenges or achievements as to be transparent and approachable to all.

Being available to my team, whether it’s a quick chat in the hallway, a scheduled one-on-one, or a dance session, being present and attentive is key in strengthening a team’s connection. 

We must acknowledge and celebrate victories because these are what individuals need to generate their own empowerment.

Challenges, changes and being adaptable can be difficult at times to navigate, however from every challenge and change there is always an opportunity for growth.
I will always do my best to empower my team in solving their problems as it allows them to take ownership. Always being available however watching them success is the best reward as we all know “together, everyone achieves more”

What brings me the most satisfaction of leading a team, is not the personal accolades but watching others succeed and thrive. When I witness a smile of success from my team member, this is the greatest achieve for me.

In my journey here at Atlas Broker just being available and maintaining an open-door policy has always proven to create a good foundation.
So, leading a team, even as someone who never saw themselves as a leader, it is an ongoing exciting adventure. Through the highs and lows, I always appreciate the opportunity to support, listen and guide the my team or individual to success.

Always remember to keep that door opened, be brave and don’t ever doubt yourself.

Rebecca Cannon