Culture – why it’s so important

We believe culture is the single most important factor behind the ongoing success of any business. Culture can be defined as “the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society”.

We all spend a lot of time either sub-consciously or consciously creating a business that we believe gives everyone within our community the best chance of success. This culture of success will look different for everyone but once you have created this set of behaviours, you must let it govern every decision you make and every action you take.

Everyone in your businesses community will evaluate you on the consistency of your behaviour. If you are not consistent then confusion will set in as the members in your community will not know what to expect. Inconsistency does not create good outcomes for staff, clients, referrers or anyone that comes into contact with your business. We need to create a culture that those within our community understand and can rely on.

We believe the starting point for this is a strong set of values. These values will define your behaviour, can encourage new thinking and provide the cohesion to maximise your chance of sustained success.

As finance brokers our people are key, as we don’t have a product to sell. As you grow (or replace staff) every new person must be evaluated on their ability to fit within your culture and values before we even look at their skill set. That doesn’t mean we are all drones, quite the opposite. It means that we look for people who will tackle the problems we are trying to solve with their own personality and flair but do it with a set of values that means the outcomes are always focused on the optimum outcome for everyone.

This sort of culture will encourage clients to come back to you, the right staff to stay longer and ensure more businesses will want to work with you. Success will therefore follow if your culture is right.

We urge all businesses to review their culture regularly. A small divergence from your successful culture can have long lasting and expensive consequences.