Everything You Should Know About Fleet Leasing

When it comes to industrial or commercial vehicles, you want to get the best for your business, no matter whether you require just a couple of sales vehicles or light commercials or a large-scale fleet to transport goods. But what’s the best financial choice for you?

Fleet leasing is a popular choice for companies looking to save money and improve their profits. Similar to the lease of properties and other goods, fleet leases are popular in commercial and industrial industries, with fleet management regulating all those complicated financial and maintenance issues. Leases will allow for companies to budget costs, are tax effective and pass on savings to businesses that utilise the buying power of large fleet management organisations. 

Lower costs and easy management

Fleet leasing involves temporarily renting out vehicle fleet including trucks, vans and cars. Leasing fleet from a fleet management organisation is simple as it means you will have the vehicles for a set period, and all vehicle management is covered (including financing, maintenance, fuel management, and driver and safety management). This is an ideal choice for smaller organisations or groups just beginning, as it decreases the cost of operation, improves driver security, and increases the efficiency of work performance.

What’s more, operating fees and bills are completely tax deductable, and your equipment cost can be 100% financed and easily managed as most contracts are for a fixed term.

Reliable fleet management

Managing fleet leases can be time-consuming and complex. However, much like property managers can help a landowner with the paperwork and jobs, a fleet management organisation can assist you in taking full advantage of your assets and ensuring maximum profits.

With fleet leasing, you get everything sorted and handled — from servicing to tyres to vehicle registration. In the long run, it can add significant value to your business by equipping you with the right vehicles and equipment to do jobs that you may not have been able to do before. Furthermore, fleet management is reliable and consistent, so things like overtime work will be accurately recorded and journey planning is made possible, ensuring all drivers are aware and safe during work trips.

How you else you can benefit:

  • Maintenance isn’t your responsibility
  • Guaranteed, reliable vehicles every time
  • Lower costs and consistent payments

If you are interested in leasing a fleet for your business, talk to the experts at Atlas Equipment Finance. We are a reliable organisation offering quality vehicles to commercial and industrial businesses in need of the right equipment. At the end of each lease, we give three options to our clients: hand the vehicle back, continue renting, or make an offer to purchase. Atlas can now also offer Chattel mortgages that have fleet management services attached, so they are fully maintained. We can also offer fleet facilities up to any amount with no director’s guarantees.

Blog written by Andy Walsh of Atlas Equipment Finance. Andy is a fleet finance specialist with over 20 years of experience in commercial finance and fleet leasing. You can contact Andy on 0439 756 356, or at awalsh@atlasbroker.com.au.

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