Driving Growth Across Our Supplier Partners!

Engaging with our supplier partners is an ongoing focus that requires dedication, active communication and an ongoing commitment to understanding their key drivers in business.

Gone are the days that a finance broker can rely solely on great service, we need to add value to our supplier partners by assisting their growth, understanding their challenges and providing an integrated approach to lift sales conversions.

As a finance business that prides itself on being a generalist across a wide range of equipment assets, understanding multiple businesses/industries requires a unique skill set to add value to each supplier partner and their requirements.

Three areas that Atlas EF have identified that add value to suppliers relationships include:

Active communication back to the supplier identifying new sales opportunities from existing clients OR within the same industry (i.e. finance expires on old equipment, client seeking to upgrade new equipment)
Finance strategies that minimise risk to the supplier and lift sales conversion (I.e. Letters of Credit and Escrow facilities that minimise the import risk and cash exposure on new equipment to both supplier and client)
Finance tools that assist the suppliers sales team to provide timely integrated finance options at the point of enquiry through to formal quotation on a mobile device (I.e. mobile app for IOS and Android that delivers accurate pricing and ease of referral)

In the case of finance tools, a mobile app is the extension of the old finance calculator placed on a suppliers website, with mobility, accuracy and ease of use with a client the key drivers for success.

Whilst a simple extension, the use of a finance app for supplier sales team has delivered amazing results at the point of sale through to closing the deal across small ticket prices < $50K through to equipment purchases > $1M.

To find out more details on how Atlas EF can assist your business contact 1300 731 131 or click on the example below for our FREE mobile app for IOS or Android.